japanese denim collage

Introducing jeans for cycling from Ligne 8

What makes these jeans for cyclist commuters so special? First, they are made of Japanese denim. Did you know, the most coveted denim in the world originates from Japan? Denim purists for several years now prefer Japanese denim because of the artisanal construction on historic shuttle looms, quality of the cloth and the natural dyes that are used for a superior rich color and finish to create a beautiful dark shade that will age perfectly with wear. The result is a tightly woven dense Japanese denim. 

womens ligne 8 denim detail

The Japanese denim commuter jean takes you seamlessly from the board-room to the local pub, all the while cycling in high-style about town. Ligne 8’s design team has styled these jeans with comfort and function in mind for the commuter cyclist and your active lifestyle. The stretch denim moves easily, making way for freedom and a comfortable range of motion while cycling across town or across the road. The denim has been rinse washed for softness and finished with NANO tex technology which actively repels water and stains. So, no need to worry about racing thru puddles or muddy road splashes.  Our denim is woven in a deep rich shade of indigo, and the 10.5 ounce weight is ideal for year-round wear. Ligne 8’s thoughtfully designed commuter denim collection blends functionality with the high-quality Japanese denim in classic silhouettes. Be sure to tout the LIGNE 8 reflective logo when turning up the cuff on your jeans. It is an extra special touch for safe cycling when hopping on your bike.

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